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The ULTIMATE Carrying Case For Your Car

JIMGLO Trailers builds a specialized line of trailers, all of which are designed from the ground up to haul cars and solve the trailer complaints of car enthusiasts.  While striving to create the most user friendly trailer experience available, we designed the lightest and most innovative car trailers on the market.  We are car guys, and all we build are car trailers!  Each JIMGLO car trailer is hand crafted using top quality materials, the latest innovation, and years of experience.  All this, combined with our engineering know-how, makes the line of JIMGLO car trailers truly extraordinary.

Car Trailer Models

Open Car Trailer

Quickest, simplest loading car trailer ever!  Simply release one lever, the bed tilts.  As you drive on, the bed levels and locks into place.  Secure your car and you’re done.  In the words of Street Rodder Magazine, the JIMGLO Ego “couldn’t be any easier to load”.

Available Lengths : 16’ 17’ 18’ 19’ & 20’

Available GVWR : 7,000# & 9,999#


Enclosed Sports Car Trailer

The enclosed sports car trailer created with the sports car enthusiast in mind.  The JIMGLO Envy was built to be towed with an SUV, and engineered with a low profile design so it could be parked in a standard garage.

Available Lengths : 16’ and 18’

Available Interior Heights : 5’4” and 6’

Available GVWR : 7,000#

Ultimate Enclosed Car Trailer

We have rethought the entire enclosed car trailer design and created a more user friendly trailer experience.  We started with the end in mind and created solutions that make the life of a car enthusiast more enjoyable.

Available Lengths : 18’ 20’ 22’ 24’ 26’

Available Interior Heights : 6’ - 9’

Available GVWR : 9,999# & 12,000#




for the FORD GT.

Ford needed a trailer to transport the Ford GT as part of their Concierge Service. Avoiding costly damage during the transportation process was their top priority. After contacting numerous trailer manufacturers there is one clear winner. Ford exclusively recommends the JIMGLO Elite for the FORD GT. Learn More.


Shelby 1000 F350 & Super Snake Burnout

Shelby wanted to perform an extraordinary stunt to show off a show of their Shelby 1000 F350 and Shelby Super Snake. They came to JIMGLO Trailers for a trailer to complete the package. Here is how they use their trailer.

Trailer Buying Guide

Before you buy a car trailer read this informative free guide.  Knowledge is power!  Arm yourself with information on what to avoid and what to consider before buying a car trailer.

  • Avoid this challenge when loading your car...

  • This will make getting out of your car much easier...

  • This simple solutions will help protect your car...

  • and lots more info from an industry insider...

You can also contact us online, or by phone at 520 384 4564

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The JIMGLO Story

Jimmy, our founder (and the Jim in JIMGLO), was fed up with trying to load his 1969 Camaro drag car onto an ordinary trailer.  The Camaro only had 2” of ground clearance, so he set out to build a trailer that would not require the front of the trailer to be jacked up and the use of extra long ramps to load the car.  The wheels in his head began to turn and the JIMGLO TiltBed was born.  That was in 1988.  Many years later and several thousand tilt bed trailers under our belt, the basic concept of the JIMGLO TiltBed remains the same today.