How It All Started

Jimmy, our founder (and the Jim in JIMGLO), was fed up with trying to load his 1969 Camaro drag car onto an ordinary auto trailer.  With only 2” of ground clearance, he set out to build a trailer that would not require the front of the trailer to be jacked up and the use of extra long ramps to load the car.  The wheels in his head began to turn and the JIMGLO TiltBed was born.  That was in 1988.  Many years later and several thousand tilt bed trailers under our belt, the basic concept of the JIMGLO TiltBed remains the same today.

What It Has Lead To

The JIMGLO Enclosed Trailer was created out of necessity – the necessity and complication of getting out of an enclosed car carrier trailer once the car is loaded.  Many other trailers have attempted to solve this problem, with the most popular being the creation of the industry standard “escape door.”  Unfortunately, we’ve found that this escape door does very little to actually solve the problem.  More often than not, the placement of the door is not in the optimal location, and the wheel well doesn’t allow the car door to open fully, even with the side “escape door.”  In 1998, Jimmy needed an enclosed trailer but wanted the ability to get out of it with ease.  He set out to do just that, again the wheels in his head began to turn, and the JIMGLO Enclosed Car Trailers were introduced.

Here at JIMGLO Trailers we have set out to do one thing, and that is to create the most innovative, user-friendly car hauling trailers for sale the world has ever seen.  The JIMGLO line of car hauling trailers for sale are hand crafted using top quality materials with a level of detail that is unparalleled in the industry.  The most extensive list of standard features has put us ahead of the curve, but the benefits not found on any other car carrier trailer have set us apart.

Where We Are Going

JIMGLO Trailers is very excited about some of the innovative features and designs that we have in the pipeline.  From our new lightweight JIMGLO Eclipse duo, our 2 car gooseneck trailer, which is no longer than a bumper pull trailer, or the new lightweight JIMGLO Elevate, our bumper pull stacker, which will prove to be revolutionary in the trailer industry.