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  1. Your First Car Show: Taking a Trip with a Covered Trailer

    After months (or years) of work poured into what used to be an old rust bucket, your classic car runs like a dream once more, gleams like the day it drove off the lot, and has an eye-catching paint job that may or may not be conventional. After all that work to source parts, repair defects,  and get your baby running smoothly, it makes sense that you’d want to show it off! Depending on your ca…Read More

  2. Infographic: Choosing the Right Custom Car Trailer

    How many hours have you spent sourcing original replacements for broken components, finding fabricators for irreplaceable pieces, and painstakingly matching new elements to the existing chrome for your classic Mustang convertible? Can you even ballpark the hours? After all that hard work, time, and effort poured into your baby, it seems almost cruel to suggest you haul your beautifully rebuilt ca…Read More

  3. Advantages of Open Car Trailers

    When it comes to towing, one of the biggest hurdles is often finding a vehicle with a high enough towing capacity based to tow whatever it is you want to haul. When you want to haul a classic car, hot rod, or other show car, this becomes even more complicated than trying to haul a couch or a few boxes. Unfortunately, not everyone has the towing capacity or the space for a fully enclosed auto trans…Read More

  4. Custom Car Trailer Safety

    Your custom car is your pride and joy, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to take every precaution possible to keep it in great condition and free of damage. But, at the same time, you want to show off all the hard work you put into fixing up that old classic car or modding out your hot rod. We know you want to protect your baby, which is why JIMGLO has designed our custom car trailer optio…Read More

  5. Insuring Your Custom Car

    Accidents happen and weather is beyond your control. That’s why you protect your home and all your treasured household items with insurance. The same goes for your car - you never know what will happen and other motorists on the road are unpredictable, so you take out insurance to protect yourself and your family any time you’re on the road. The segue here should be a logical one; if you have…Read More

  6. Pros and Cons of a Covered Trailer

    Whether you’re planning to transport your 1969 low-ride Camaro or you’ve street rodded an old 30’s Chevy, we know how much time, effort, and money you’ve poured into your baby. You want to show off all the work you’ve put in, but your classic car insurance policy probably limits the mileage you can put on your car each year and the places you’re covered to drive it. Show off your car …Read More

  7. Welcome to the JIMGLO Blog!

    The team here at JIMGLO are pretty fortunate people: we all have jobs that support what we love: sports cars, hot rods, and other exotic cars we’ve painstakingly and lovingly worked on for hours and hours. We know the pride of showing off all our hard work, which often means traveling hours or days to get to car shows across the country. After putting so much work into your exotic vehicle, you …Read More


    When considering an open car trailer there are a number of things to think about.  Most car enthusiasts have experienced the frustrations of using a typical trailer.  Hassling with ramps, and struggling to get out of your car can be avoided if you do your homework. Ramps are a hassle with an open car trailer.  They are often heavy, bulking and never long enough to load a low car.  An open car…Read More


    Virtually every aluminum car trailer on the market today started off as a cargo trailer, and was adapted by the manufacturer to haul cars.  Surprising?  It’s true, but there is one company that started with the end in mind, and worked backward to solve the many trailer issues of a car enthusiast. Let’s start with the most common issues faced by car guys: First, how do I get out of my car af…Read More


    Why buy a enclosed car hauler that simply hauls cars when you can buy an enclosed car trailer that hauls cars simply?  Find out how JIMGLO Trailers is using the latest advances in technology in order to take enclosed car haulers to the next level. What if you never had to crawl out the window of your car?  Not every enclosed car hauler is created equal.  Lets think outside the box and start wi…Read More

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