1. Signs of Trouble: Brakes, Hitches, and Other Auto Trailer Issues

    If you’ve ever driven up into the mountains, you may have noticed “runaway truck” ramps cutting steep lines straight up the mountainside, and for good reason. Imagine the sort of damage that could be caused by such a heavy vehicle gaining momentum on its way down steep grades. Unfortunately, in the real world, a runaway vehicle doesn’t just flatten you into a pancake like it would one of …Read More

  2. What to Look For in a Covered Car Trailer – and Why

    The perennial problem many exotic and classic car owners face is how to haul their vehicle when instances arise during which they cannot, or don’t want to, simply drive the vehicle itself. When it comes to car hauler trailers, there are two primary categories, open and enclosed, and each subset comes with its own pros and cons.   An open car trailer is, generally, easier to store when not in u…Read More

  3. Car Shows: Showroom Etiquette

    Think about all the times you visited museums as a kid, whether they were for school trips or a day out with your family. When you were young, before you knew better (mostly), were you one of those kids who tried to touch every single exhibit—especially on a visit to the art museum? Hopefully you’ve grown out of that need to touch every exciting-looking thing you see, especially at museums, o…Read More

  4. JIMGLO’s Ford GT Custom Enclosed Car Haulers

    At a production count of only 250 a year, Ford’s 2017 and 2018 GTs is one of the rarer models rolling off motor production lines currently - and, at a price tag upwards of $400,000, is the most expensive product Ford Motor Company has ever sold, so far. In order to keep up with their high-quality new vehicle, Ford is also raising the qualifications for maintenance and repair work on their limit…Read More

  5. Standard Versus Custom: Car Trailers – Part 2

    Welcome back to JIMGLO’s two-part car carrying trailer comparison! In our last blog, we started delving into the differences between a standard pre-fab auto transport trailer and custom designed open and enclosed car haulers - so be sure to start there to get the basics if you missed it! In this post, we’re going to dig a little deeper into the aspects of auto hauler trailers you may not thin…Read More

  6. Custom Car Trailer: Features Designed For You

    Shopping for a new auto transport trailer is not as easy as swinging by your local big box store and picking one up the way you would just grab a gallon of milk on your way home. Of course, we’re talking about the contraption that is going to carry your sports car, hot rod, classic car, or race car - figuring out the safest way to transport your show car is far more weighty than the deliberatio…Read More

  7. Why Go Custom? Car Trailer Loading

    How long does it take you to load your show car into your trailer? Is it one of those “Dad’s hanging the Christmas lights, everyone needs to clear out for the day” situations? When it comes time to load your car, we understand wanting to be careful and take as many precautions as possible. After all, you’ve poured countless hours into restoring or customizing your baby. That’s hours of …Read More

  8. Car Trailer Etiquette: Are You Doing It Right?

    Driving a trailer can be a daunting task if you’ve never done so before. It is doubly so when the cargo you’re hauling is your precious, meticulously restored classic car or customized hot rod. Between driving your custom car hauler safely and making it through your first car show without inciting an angry mob, there are so many things to remember! At JIMGLO, we’re long time car enthusiasts…Read More

  9. Your First Car Show: Taking a Trip with a Covered Trailer

    After months (or years) of work poured into what used to be an old rust bucket, your classic car runs like a dream once more, gleams like the day it drove off the lot, and has an eye-catching paint job that may or may not be conventional. After all that work to source parts, repair defects,  and get your baby running smoothly, it makes sense that you’d want to show it off! Depending on your ca…Read More

  10. Infographic: Choosing the Right Custom Car Trailer

    How many hours have you spent sourcing original replacements for broken components, finding fabricators for irreplaceable pieces, and painstakingly matching new elements to the existing chrome for your classic Mustang convertible? Can you even ballpark the hours? After all that hard work, time, and effort poured into your baby, it seems almost cruel to suggest you haul your beautifully rebuilt ca…Read More