Aluminum Car Trailer Specifically Designed to Haul Cars

Virtually every aluminum car trailer on the market today started off as a cargo trailer, and was adapted by the manufacturer to haul cars.  Surprising?  It’s true, but there is one company that started with the end in mind, and worked backward to solve the many trailer issues of a car enthusiast. 

Let’s start with the most common issues faced by car guys:

First, how do I get out of my car after my car is loaded into the aluminum car trailer?  The common answer would be drive your car in and crawl out the window, or try to get out of an escape door that is never in the right place to facilitate an easy exit.   An innovative alternative is to have virtually half the side of the enclosed car trailer open up so you can simply step out.  Is this possible?  It’s very possible when you think outside the box and create a solution that works.

Second, am I stuck tying down my car with 4 D-Rings placed in the 4 corners ofthe aluminum car trailer?  Well, most companies would want you to believe that is the best way to go about it.  It’s a fine practice if the status quo works for you.  How about a track with rings which are adjustable and can be moved based on the car you are tying down.  This makes your car more secure inside your aluminum car trailer.

Third, I have a completely unique show car in which I have invested countless hours of hard work and a stash of cash, why do I have to put it inside a box with wheels?  If you are looking for the basic transportation of getting your car from point A to point B, then you are in luck.  There are numerous aluminum car trailers to meet your needs.  Everything from rivets and glued seams, unattractive wheels and trim make for a very unappealing trailer.  Revolutionary new composite construction allows for 1 piece sides, top and floor creating a finished clean skin appearance inside and out.  Get as much attention for your trailer as you do from you car.

Tim Norris