How to Correctly Tie a Car Down

Before you take your ride anywhere, you need to make sure that it’s buckled up. A lot can happen out on the road that can damage your one of a kind vehicle, and that can get expensive. Avoid these disasters by tying down your car: here’s the know-how you need to strap your car down properly.

Weight Limits

Your car is a dynamic machine. Cars are more prone to moving around when loaded in a trailer because of their wheels, even when the parking brake is set. You’re going to want tie-downs that can handle the weight of your car.

Tie-Down Methods

There are two different tie-down methods, depending on your vehicle. You can use over the wheel restraints, which use a webbed net or a single strap to go over the tire/wheel. This allows the cars suspension to work independent of the trailers suspension. The other method is to attach straps directly from the chassis of the car to the tie down points on the trailer. This method pulls the car down and allows the trailers suspension to do all the work. No matter what method you use, you’ll want to make sure your car stays anchored so that it doesn’t move until you reach your destination

Keeping Things Tight

Keep your car nice and snug while it’s in your trailer. Using ratchet straps are the best way to keep your car secure in the trailer. To use them simply open them, pull the loose end through, and close and work the lever until you get enough tension. It is always a good practice to check your straps during your trip, walk around your trailer at fuel stops and double check the straps are tight.

Types of Hooks

The available tie-down points on the car you are going to haul with the trailer will likely determine the kind of hooks needed on the tie down straps. "J", "T" and "R" transport hooks often fit into the built-in tie-down points found in the chassis on most newer vehicles. Flat hooks usually fit into holes in the frame of your car or over anchor points. These flat hooks seem to be the most versatile solution to tie down most cars.

Other Tie-Down Options

There are lots of options out on the market, but avoiding damage is a primary concern.  There are sleeves, pads, and plastic buckles all exist to make sure that your car is protected from scuffs and scratches. 

Strap in with JIMGLO Trailers
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Tim Norris