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JIMGLO Ego The Tiltbed Open Car Trailer

The JIMGLO Ego was first introduced over 30 years ago to solve the problem of loading a low race car onto a trailer without the typical challenges. Building car trailers for the auto enthusiast in mind is all we do. Hey, we are car guys, and all we build are car trailers!


Don't Hassle with Ramps

The need for ramps is eliminated with the JIMGLO Ego.  It operates on a 2 frame system, the bed frame and the chassis frame.  The frames operate in unison but separate from one another.  Loading the tilt bed car trailer is made easy with the extra-low ramp angle allowing clearance for the lowest of cars.

Ego (6).jpg
Open Car Trailer with no ramps

Couldn't Be Any Easier To Load

Quickest, simplest loading trailer ever!  Simply release one lever, the bed tilts.  As you drive on, the bed levels and locks into place.  Secure your car and you’re done.  In the words of Street Rodder Magazine, the JIMGLO Ego Open Car Trailer “couldn’t be any easier to load”.




Never Crawl Out Your Car Window, Again!

Easy exit means no more climbing out your car window.  Removable fenders make it easy to open your door and step out of your car.

Ego (5).jpg

Towable with Pickup or SUV

Experience effortless towing due to our revolutionary design which takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect location on your trailer in which to tie your car down.  The 2 frame system distributes the weight evenly, precisely where it needs to be, creating extremely stable towing unlike any trailer you will ever experience.  In the words of Street Rodder when towing at highway speeds, we "could barely tell it was there".


Make A Statement

Let's face it, none of us created our automotive masterpieces to blend in. Every one of us have invested countless hours of time and money to express ourselves and stand out from the crowd.  You deserve a tilt bed car trailer that shows the same dedication for excellence.  Each JIMGLO Ego tiltbed open car trailer is hand crafted using top quality materials, the latest innovation, and years of experience.  All this combined with our engineering know-how makes the line of JIMGLO Trailers truly extraordinary, which allows you to make a statement without saying a word.

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Open Car Trailer Buying Guide

Before you buy an open car trailer read this informative free guide.  Knowledge is power!  Arm yourself with information on what to avoid and what to consider before buying an open car trailer.

* Avoid this challenge when loading your car...
* This will make getting out of your car much easier...
* This simple solution will help protect your car...
* and lots more info from an industry insider...


Raving Fans

It’s well made, lightweight, wide enough for a Corvette, you don’t need ramps and it pulls like a dream.
— Wayne O - Corvette Forums

I've owned a JIMGLO tiltbed open car trailer for years (my good friend owns an older version of the same trailer). I like it's well made, lightweight, wide enough for a Corvette, you don't need ramps and it pulls like a dream. I opted for the tall utility box on the front which acts as a protective screen for the car. This open car trailer isn't cheap to begin with and I think some of JIMGLO's options are extremely overpriced. Fortunately, things like the winch (if you want one) isn't hard to add yourself. Just order the winch stand from JIMGLO but get the winch yourself elsewhere (FWIW I've never needed the winch). I see all kinds of trailers at the track.....FeatherLite makes a nice single auto trailer but I like the JIMGLO tiltbed open car trailer better! I'm happy with mine. 


If you are planning to keep this trailer a long time, you owe it to yourself to consider a JIMGLO Trailer. Check them out at I had a JIMGLO TiltBed open car trailer for about 5 years and recently purchased an enclosed JIMGLO. Having used several different brands of trailers over the past 30+ years, the JIMGLO's (IMHO) are the best engineered and built trailers on the market. They tow great, are very easy to load with a low car, look great, and are more aerodynamic than most others. You can even drive your car in and open the driver's door all the way to get out of the car (try that with some of the other brands of trailers).

BTW, I have no affiliation, just a satisfied customer. Give them a call, you will find they are very down to earth, honest, straight-forward people to deal with. 

If you do get an open ca trailer, it won't be long before you start looking for an enclosed one. If you go anywhere overnight, you will want the security of the enclosed trailer.

If you are planning to keep this trailer a long time, you owe it to yourself to consider a JIMGLO Trailer.

It’s the 4th trailer I’ve owned, and it’ll be the last I’ll ever need.
— Bill - Sahuarita, AZ

I agree with Weasel, I've got a JIMGLO Trailer, it's the 4th trailer I've owned, and it'll be the last I'll ever need. I love the tilt bed! no ramps to fool with, easy to load and unload.  Both fenders are removable.  I've got a winch to pull up the non-ops, and unload anything. I haven't had anything on it yet that I can't open the door on (some had to take fender off). I found mine used, but looked a llooooooonnnnggggg time to find it. You just don't see many people getting rid of them, and I agree, it's because they are great.
I didn't care for the "surge" brakes, I switched over to all electric. Unlike others, I check my tire pressure before any trip, and haven't blown a tire yet (but will someday).  JIMGLO is out of Willcox, AZ.