Enclosed Car Trailer Comparison : Featherlite vs JIMGLO

Every car builder chooses very carefully and specifically the parts that will go into their performance or show car.  Only the best parts for their baby.  Shouldn’t that be the case when choosing an enclosed car trailer?  Only one enclosed car trailer is actually built to that high standard.  Compare leading trailers and you'll see how JIMGLO outperforms the others, including Featherlite.

The last thing you want to hear is scraping as you load and unload your car, especially loading a long-nose car such as a Viper, Corvette or race car.  Car enthusiasts hate that sound.  That is why JIMGLO builds their aluminum enclosed trailers with a low to the ground design.  Approaching and climbing the ramp is no problem, even the lowest of cars.  JIMGLO trailer design is about providing your car the best protection, even when loading and unloading it.  You can't do that on a Featherlite Trailers.

JIMGLO uses aircraft-grade aluminum for the frame construction and an extremely strong composite material for the box construction.  Both of these materials make a very strong and light trailer. The composite materials allow for an even stronger box (compression rating of over 300 pounds per square inch) and a 25% lighter trailer (about 2,400 pounds).The single piece construction results in a smooth skin without seams or rivets that detract from the beauty of an enclosed car trailer.  Featherlite also makes their frames out of aluminum, but you won't find the composite box construction like you would with a JIMGLO.  In fact, Featherlite's uses sheets of aluminum that are glued, screwed or riveted together.

A comparison among enclosed car trailers is to start at the bottom, the axles. JIMGLO trailers are standard equipped with two 5,200 pound torsion axles. Featherlite's axles are 3,500 pounds for 16' to 20' trailers and 4,800 pounds for 22' to 24' trailers.  The difference in the JIMGLO means more available payload for your use and a GVRW of 10,000 pounds.  For example, have you ever had an axle fail because you were a few pounds over the axle's rating?  It happens.  So why not step up to the beefier JIMGLO axles?  Don't get stranded in the desert in the middle of June!  Featherlite will make you pay extra for what JIMGLO offers standard.

The space between Featherlite's fenders provides 81 inches of flat floor space. A JIMGLO enclosed car trailer has a full 83 inches between the fenders on the JIMGLO Elite. Those extra inches can make a huge difference when loading and unloading the trailer.

Tie-downs on a Featherlite consist of 4 swivel D-rings in fixed locations on the floor.  JIMGLO enclosed car trailers are equipped standard with the Versa-Track tie-down system.  The sleek aluminum track is permanently secured to the floor and the stainless steel rings are fully adjustable.  That makes it easy to move your tie-down points to the exact position you need to completely secure your car.

The 2 most important factors to reduce sway are:

How the Load is Balanced - The farther back the weight is from the axle, the more whipping effect and sway you get. Going up hills makes that effect worse and the tow vehicle feels as if it's losing traction or grip.

The Distance from the Hitch to the Trailer - A longer tongue increases the "arm," providing a more stable connection and reducing the impact on the tongue weight.  The optimal length of the tongue is four feet. Only JIMGLO builds trailers with over a four-foot tongue as a standard feature.  Others only offer it as an option.

JIMGLO trailers have a very unique feature that allows you to simply drive in, swing open the car door and step right out onto the ground.  Virtually half the side of the trailer opens up out of the way, and the fender removes.  JIMGLO is the only enclosed car trailer that lets you do that.  Never again will you have to crawl out the window or the trailer.  Not even an option on a Featherlite.

It's really difficult to compare JIMGLO enclosed car trailers because they simply aren't like the others.  Foremost in user-friendliness has to be the ability to drive in and step out.  JIMGLO trailers are lighter and stronger, equipped with better tie-downs, achieves a higher standard payload capacity and exhibits better loading and towing characteristics.  All these features make a JIMGLO an awesome value.