Enclosed Car Trailer for Low Cars

virtually 1/2 the side of the trailer open up

JIMGLO Trailers has rethought the entire enclosed car trailer design and created a more user friendly trailer experience.  We started with the end in mind and created solutions that make the life of a car enthusiast more enjoyable.  Hey, we are car guys, and all we build are car trailers! The JIMGLO Elite is perfect for classic / exotic cars and the style is unique to your personality. The Elite is the premier enclosed car trailer that perfectly complements your sophisticated image while protecting your asset. JIMGLO has created the Elite with you in mind.

JIMGLO Elite - Enclosed Car Trailer

The ULTIMATE Carry Case For Your Car

Check out this video to see the JIMGLO Elite in action loading a Ford GT


FORD GT and why Ford chose JIMGLO as the exclusive partner.

When Ford needed an enclosed car trailer to transport the Ford GT as part of their Concierge Service they didn’t want to take any chances.  Check out the list of requirements to transport the most expensive car ever built by Ford, and why Ford exclusively recommends the JIMGLO Elite.


“Never Crawl Out Your Car Window, Again!”

Take the easy way out with the JIMGLO Elite enclosed car trailer.  Climbing out your car window is a thing of the past, virtually half the side of the trailer opens up out of the way, and the fender removes.  This allows you to drive in, and step out of your car and out of the trailer. No need to worry about trying to squeeze out of a partially open door, or crawl through a window.


“Make A Statement Without Saying a Word”

Let's face it, none of us created our automotive masterpieces to blend in.  Every one of us have invested countless hours of time and money to express ourselves and stand out from the crowd.  You deserve an enclosed car trailer that shows the same dedication for excellence.  Each JIMGLO Elite enclosed car trailer is hand crafted using top quality materials, the latest innovation, and years of experience.  All this, combined with our engineering know-how, makes the line of JIMGLO Trailers truly extraordinary, which allows you to make a statement without saying a word.


“What we are made of”

The JIMGLO Elite is a revolutionary enclosed car trailer that uses the latest space age technology developed by NASA.  The sleek exterior is created using clean skin construction which is free of rivets, seams or joints.  This is made possible by using single piece composite technology.  Each side, top and floor of the JIMGLO Elite is constructed from a single piece of this composite material.

Lightweight Composite Material

  • Dent Resistant

  • Hail Resistant

  • Insulated Honeycomb Design


Envy (1).jpg

“Protection From The Elements”

Classic and exotic cars can be susceptible to hot and cold environments.  One of the many benefits of composite technology is the amazing insulating properties.  Composite construction provides an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.  Protect your automotive masterpiece from more than just rain and vandalism that other enclosed car trailers provide.

Elite (1).jpg

“Towable with Pickup or SUV”

Experience effortless towing due to our revolutionary design and space age technology.  Using these latest advances, we have been able to reduce the weight of the JIMGLO Elite by almost 25% over the previous generations. Weighing in at about 2700 pounds it is the strongest possible trailer with the lightest possible weight. That’s simply revolutionary for this caliber of enclosed car trailer.


“Simplified Tie-Downs”

An easier way to secure your car.  The Versa-Track tie-down system is the ultimate in trailer tie-downs and is a standard feature on the JIMGLO Elite.  This slim, sleek aluminum track is permanently secured to the floor of the trailer.  Adjustable stainless steel rings can be can be moved anywhere on the track allowing precise tie-down of your car.

Elite (4).jpg

“Loading Made Easy”

Loading made easy with an extremely low ramp angle allowing clearance for the lowest of cars.  This easy loading is made possible by the low-to-the-ground trailer design, a 4’ no show beaver tail, and optional flip out ramp extensions.

Elite (5).jpg

“Carry Your Car and All Your Gear”

The JIMGLO Elite enclosed car trailer has a standard GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of just under 10,000 pounds and it is also available in a 12,000 lb version.  We know that sufficient carrying capacity is a primary concern of any experienced car enthusiast.  In most cases, our lightweight trailers allow you to carry over 7000 pounds inside.


Enclosed Trailer Buying Guide

Before you buy an enclosed car trailer read this informative free guide. Knowledge is power! Arm yourself with information on what to avoid and what to consider before buying an enclosed car trailer.

  • Don't make this mistake when determining the length of trailer that will best fit your car.

  • One key to consider so you won't be overloaded even before you leave your driveway.

  • This common trailer braking system can loose effectiveness in 2 very common driving conditions.




"Man, I have to say, as good as this car looks in here, it looks absolutely amazing outside in the overcast. 

Had Ian from Pat Milliken come pick the car up to take over to prepare it for the beating I am going to give it when I get back from Le Mans. I will say, I was very much a skeptic on a $30k but damn that Jimglo is nice. I have never seen a trailer even close to that nice. I get the price now.

Ultra Ford-ish scenario"

- DBK Ford GT Forum