Enclosed Car Hauler Using the Latest Technology

Why buy a enclosed car hauler that simply hauls cars when you can buy an enclosed car trailer that hauls cars simply?  Find out how JIMGLO Trailers is using the latest advances in technology in order to take enclosed car haulers to the next level.

What if you never had to crawl out the window of your car?  Not every enclosed car hauler is created equal.  Lets think outside the box and start with the end in mind.  If you could design a trailer that addresses your most critical issues what would it look like?  That's exactly what we did at JIMGLO Trailers when we rethought the entire trailer design.  The first order of business was to find an easier way to get out of the trailer once you drive your car inside.  Actually the solution makes perfect sense.  If half the side of the car trailer opened up and the fender removed that would make getting out extremely easy.  Well that's precisely what we did.  With the JIMGLO enclosed car hauler it is as simple as driving in and stepping out.  Check out one of ourYouTube videos to see our trailers in action.

What if you could pull the trailer with a half ton pickup or SUV?  Reduced weight would make it easier to tow, which means you could tow it with a half ton pickup or sport utility vehicle.  Well that issue has been addressed as well.  Using the latest technology and space age materials JIMGLO Trailers has designed and engineered an enclosed car hauler that is built using aircraft grade aluminum and composite materials.  This has reduced the weight byover 25% compared to our previous models.  Weighting in at about 2400 pounds it is now one of the lightest aluminum enclosed trailers in the industry.  

What if you could tie down your car without crawling under it?  You guessed it, using the latest technology you will never have to crawl under your car to tie it down again.  Using the Versa Track Tie-Down System (V-Track), its possible to build your enclosed car hauler to your specifications and use an over the tire strap.  This is an extremely safe and efficient way to secure your car.  In fact, this is the method preferred by professional car transporters.  There are a number of options available including a full length V-Track, and even a recessed V-Track.  We can help educate you to make sure your enclosed carhauler is outfitted to your specifications making it simple to use. 

Tim Norris