Raving Fans

Absolutely State of the Art
— Mike Filion and Jeff Hess - Pro Design Hot Rods - Santa Ana, CA

Pro Design Hot Rods ... recently purchased an Enclosed Car Hauler from JIMGLO Trailers to transport our high end show cars.  Their quality and their service are second to none.  JIMGLO Trailers, as a family owned business, has afforded us very warm and personal attention from Jim and Tim Norris.  They have attended to our every detail.  The trailer is custom fitted to our needs and is absolutely "state of the art".  Every part as well as the workmanship are the highest quality.  We recommend JIMGLO Trailers to those of you who appreciate quality and value.


"GT Trailer Nirvana"

Ever since I bought my GT, I have found occasional need to transport it in my Haulmark trailer. The pain in the rump has been the fact that you can't open the doors wide enough to get out of the car once it's inside. Thus, unless one were to crawl out of the open window (very bad form) one cannot drive into the trailer, but must instead pull it in by the nose ring with a winch. 

I was minding my own business at the Barrett-Jackson auction, when I was assaulted by a sudden urge to buy a new trailer...I, of course, have no relation to the company except that I am a customer.  Similar to a Trailex, except much beefier.  The quality is impeccable.  It is all aluminum, with one piece composite walls, floor and roof.  GT door easily clears the tires, once the wheel well is removed (spin off two wing nuts and its off).

Pulls like a dream.  Not cheap, however...made by a company called JIMGLO.  Revered among the super high end hot rod crowd.  Very small company with a very loyal following.  The workmanship is off the chart.  Walls are over an inch thick and super smooth and glossy.

Michael Holdsworth
Prescott, AZ


Thanks for Keeping the American Dream Going
— Marvin Chudnoff - Earlton, NY

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reinstilling my confidence in the quality of the American workforce and it's products.  The JIMGLO Enclosed Car Trailer with all the bells and whistles exceeds my expectations.  From the thoughtful design to the careful welds to the choice of materials the vehicle is the tops.  This rig tows magnificently and the significant weight loss as a result of the composite and aluminum construction is evidenced by the ease of pulling.  Living in an area where salt is a major wintertime issue I'm sure the that the composite walls and alloy chassis will serve to keep it looking new for years to come.  As an aside, doing business with you and your family was a pleasure.  Again thanks for keeping the American dream going.


Open Trailer: Corvette Forum

I'm very happy with my Jim-Glo auto tilt-bed trailer (made in Willcox, Arizona). I sometimes put a couple 2 x 10's under the end 'ramps' for good measure but they're not essential (at least for me). They're not inexpensive trailers but they're lightweight, well made, functional and they pull well.

Wayne O
Tucson, AZ


If you are planning to keep this trailer a long time, you owe it to yourself to consider a JIMGLO Trailer.
— Jim Smith - Carmichael, CA

If you are planning to keep this trailer a long time, you owe it to yourself to consider a JIMGLO Trailer. Check them out at www.jimglo.com. I had a JIMGLO Tilt Bed open trailer for about 5 years and recently purchased an enclosed JIMGLO. Having used several different brands of trailers over the past 30+ years, the JIMGLO's (IMHO) are the best engineered and built trailers on the market. They tow great, are very easy to load with a low car, look great, and are more aerodynamic than most others. You can even drive your car in and open the driver's door all the way to get out of the car (try that with some of the other brands of trailers).

BTW, I have no affiliation, just a satisfied customer. Give them a call, you will find they are very down to earth, honest, straight-forward people to deal with. 

If you do get an open trailer, it won't be long before you start looking for an enclosed one. If you go anywhere overnight, you will want the security of the enclosed trailer.